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My name is Martin Rogers and I am a bag fanatic. I have one of the largest collections of bags from well-known brands across the globe. Just like ladies would not ignore a good pair of heels, I, on the other hand, would not leave a well-made bag on the shelves. It is like the bag is calling me to buy it.

Bags come in a wide range of colors and sizes. I have used and reviewed some of the best brands and so I know what bag is most suitable for you.

My interest in bags began when I was a teenager. While on a trip abroad I realized how inconvenient it can be having an unsuitable bag. I could not fit all that I needed into this bag, plus the straps were very uncomfortable when carrying heavy stuff. I had so much stuff that I needed to carry yet this bag kept limiting me.

Bags tend to be an extension of your personality. They are like your shoes or tie. When you have the right bag, you command respect. People instantly notice that this is a person who likes looking after themselves and will go to great lengths to protect their image.

I have experimented with different types of bags. From canvas to leather, backpacks to clutch bags. I have seen them all and that is why I want to help you make the right decision next time you go shopping. Your purpose for the bag will greatly determine the type of bag that you get.  Someone going to the gym will have a different bag form one planning to go camping.

We all have been there; you buy this awesome looking bag only to realize you can barely fit all your stuff in there. The pockets are just too small and the handle is simply had to use especially when carrying heavy stuff. This not only leads you to carry many bags when traveling but you can experience back pains with a bad bag.

We have taken the liberty to comb the web for the best bags out there. We work with top brands in the market so whenever they have something really cool; we tend to be the first to know. We have researched on various bag uses and we will be posting a bag for everyone.

What we will do on this site is to save you the hustle when you go bag shopping. So, sit back and relax and let us take control of your purchases.

If you have any suggestion or question,feel free to contact me via our Contact form

or directly trough email: mailadmin @ userbags.com

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