The 10 Best Baby Diaper Bag Brands

Having a firstborn is a whole new experience for parents. Like a novice in any field, many new parents find themselves unsure about many baby-related stuff. Even deciding the kind of a diaper bag to get can be confusing for some. Well, if you are them, here are the top ten diaper bags you might fall for .

Things To Consider When Buying Baby Diaper Bag

Cost: Some diaper bags are outrageously expensive. But keep in mind — more expensive doesn’t always mean better.

Material: Do you want something soft, or a diaper bag that’s a bit more durable than that? Are you looking for something that will be easy to clean?

Compartments: A variety of compartments, both big and small, is one of the single most important features in a diaper bag.

Our Picks for the Best Baby Diaper Bag

Baby Sherpa

Providing enough space for both the baby and the parent/caretaker, the bag is perfect for families with active lifestyles. It has also been considered high tech by many as it features a cooler, an insulated bottle holder, a number of pouches for your baby’s little stuff, like a pacifier, teether or toys and also for your keys or sunglasses. There is even some spared space for your laptop.

In addition, the bag has got padded shoulder straps, which makes carrying it less burdening.

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Bag Nation

This bag has all your bases covered. It comes with stroller straps, a changing pad and a sundry bag. Made out of twill polyester, this bag offers durability and it’s water resistant, which will be nice in case of rain or spills.

In a whole, the bag is extraordinarily functional. The appearance allows both the mother and the father to comfortably carry the bag around. Its lightweight does not hurt shoulders as much as the other bags and the inside is spacious enough to cater for your baby’s needs.

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As the name suggests, the bag is made for the comfort of all loving dads out there. Providing extra-large capacity, durable construction, over a dozen compartments, and unique features such as the Diaper Hammock and Quick-Access Wipes Window, the Backpack Diaper Bag keeps you organized and hands-free.

With its varied masculine designs, the brand tries to meet dads’ different styles while still aiming at creating diaper bags that offer great functions when dealing with baby stuff.

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Eddie Bauer

This one brand seems to go the extra mile to make daddies and mommies’ life easier. What with its changing pads, pockets for both dry and wet stuff as well as bottle holder sections, Eddie Bauer does put functionality on the top priority. Not only that, the bag is designed with a unisex look that no argument regarding who should carry the bag is needed.

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JJ Cole

If you like having your things neatly organized, this brand agrees with the idea with affordable price. Not only that, the design is also stylish, which makes it more likely to attract parents of young generation.

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Kate Spade

Being one of the top designer bag brands, Kate Spade emphasizes on sophisticated and classy design looks. With its immaculate graphic prints and wonderful color choice, the diaper bag can be an excellent option even for a formal occasion. Other than that, some of the bag practical features include double slide pockets, a changing pad, and (interior and exterior) bottle pockets.  The only drawback is that the bag design merely suits women, which means the father cannot comfortably carry the diaper bag.

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Mia Bossi

Mia Bossi is another brand that combines motherhood and style. It also claims to create a functional bag that meets the standards of a fashionista. As a designer brand, the price is quite costly, but it does offer perfectly stylish disguise for what is, in fact, a baby diaper bag. Plus, the bag is equipped with the most commonly needed features, likepractical compartments and bottle holders that can keep either hot or cool temperature; the quality and good looks seem to be worth the price

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Beautifully designed in crisp colors and with undeniably functional features, this diaper bag is created to suit the needs of many mothers out there. It also comes in various bag designs, like tote, backpack, satchel, messenger, and hobo. Even better, it launches diaper bags for men, as well. Having been in the business for more than twenty years, the award winning nappy bag brand has claimed a prominent place among the giants.

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Founded in 2003, the brand has gained a premium, award winning reputation. Despite the feminine bag design, the bag does offer a high quality diaper bag. The varied shapes and sizes have come to meet the different needs of many parents. The combination of function and fashion has been an important factor that sends the brand to the top of the list.

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Vera Bradley

Printed in colorful patterns, Vera Bradley bag is to make a statement. Those who fancy a little distinct color for their accessory may find the bag caters to their fashion wishlist.

In terms of functions, the bag comes with spacious compartments and useful pockets. Its lightweight and easy to clean materials also adds the attraction of the brand.

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