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Trunki Luggage

Travelling with kids is surely not as simple as when you are travelling alone. Kids may yell on a tour bus, some may even start screaming right from the moment they enter the airport. Well, parenting is not easy, but parents do know that kids’ tantrums can be handled by “distractions”, referring to the things that can keep them happily occupied. Luckily enough, luggage manufacturers seem to get the same idea, in which case, they have decided to launch various kinds of kids’ luggage to not only accomodate their stuff, but also to entertain them while on the go.

Kids love cute and fun designed luggage, and finding a luggage that has lovable characters printed on the exterior is an easy task. Finding the one that actually works like a lucky charm for the success of your trips, however, takes some serious considerations:

Things To Consider When Buying Kids Luggage

When attempting to choose the best kids luggage, you’ll need to take many different things into consideration. Functionality, weight, material, and other factors should play a vital role in your overall decision. The most important factors can be found below.

Functionality: How much weight can the colorful, eye catching luggage actually accommodate? Is it going to fit all your kids’ stuff? How can your kids carry it around? Will it take up all your kids’ energy? Does it offer a way to be comfortably carried by an adult when your little one is too tired or sleepy to carry it around? Those are some of the questions to think about to measure its functionality in real situations

Materials: Some use plastic, while other brands use polycarbonate. The materials may vary, but, if possible, try to find one that uses high quality materials. Thay way, your luggage purchase will go a long way. It will be even better, if the luggage materials can endure scratches and beatings.

Entertainment: Does it merely display cute characters on the outside or does it have additional fun features? How can it entertain your kids when they are bored or annoyed? After all, kids’ luggage is meant to suit the needs of your kids, so this entertainment aspect is indeed as important as the other two.

Our Picks for the Best Kids Luggage


Taking your kids for vacation usually means that you need to take their favourites, as well. If that is true for you, Trunki and its fifty-five liter capacity can be the solution. Their favourite toys, books and clothes are all likely to be accommodated by this award winning luggage brand. Apart from its functional capacity, the shape allows kids to roll and steer the luggage. When used like that, the curved top becomes the seat and the horn handles some kind of steering wheels. On the other hand, when parents need to take over, a shoulder strap can be attached by the ID key provided.

It also shows its kids’ friendliness through the use plastic, that is lightweight, with 12.8 x 18.4 x 8 inch designs that many kids love. When you open up the bag, one side has compression straps to keep items from spilling out. In addition to that, there is the soft foam lining on the opening so as to avoid accidents with the tiny fingers.

There are internal pockets to organize the many items you’ll fit in the bag. The snout is also a secured latch to ensure safety of your luggage. The luggage can also hold up to 75 lbs of weight, so even without a trip, your kid can just use it as a toy and zoom around the house.

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Hey America Travel

Heys America Travel Tots Kids

What sets this luggage apart from other brands is that it does not only provide a roller luggage with adorable animal characters, but also a matching backpack. In that way, your kids have the option to leave their complete stuff packed inside the luggage and carry along their essentials only by using the backpack.

Both bags open with all-around zippers. The luggage has large in-line wheels to manage different kinds of terrain. There are x-straps in the main compartment to keep items from spilling out. When open, the luggage can still stand up straight making it easy for you to slip in some last minute items without having to open the entire bag.

The material used for this product is ABS, which means your kids may beat or kick the bag and it will not wear out so easily. The shape and size of 18.2 x 14 x 8.8 inches also go with air travel carry-on size requirement.

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Skip Hop Kids

Skip Hop Little Kid Luggage

Its retractable handle is one of the main features that enables toddlers to roll them with ease. The detachable back strap is another helpful feature that allows parents to handle the luggage when your lovely kid is too tired.

Skip Hop uses poly canvas fabric for its cute product designs along with the ears and eyes. This material does not request some serious maintenance, but unluckily it does not make up for its lack in terms of durability.

At 7 x 12.5 x 18 inches, it’s a decent size for overnight trips and as carry-on luggage for air travel. It also has a large front pocket that can hold snacks and pens or coloring books. On the side is a mesh pocket for a water bottle or anything else you’ll need to carry around.

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Rockland Jr.

The obvious functionality is the adjustable telescopic handle. It can be adjusted to two different heights, making it easy for both the kids and the parents to roll the luggage around.

It comes in hard shelled and it is made of polycarbonate material, which is lightweight, yet sturdy. Another excellent point is that it is equipped with 360 degree wheels that allow the luggage to maneuver on rough terrain with no problems.

A great feature of this bag is its compartment. One side has an x-strap to contain your items, while the other has a zippered divider. It would have been great if it had internal and external pockets, but there are no other organization options than the main compartments.

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 Stephen Joseph Character Luggage

With fun colors and little details to play with, the Stephen Joseph Character Rolling Luggage is a great choice for imaginative kids. The Polyester material means it won’t scratch or dent easily. It’s also safe to wash the bag with soap and water for the inevitable stain. It’s a little smaller than usual making it more like a backpack on wheels.

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At the end of the day, there are tons of amazing luggage out there. Just remember that not all of them are suitable for every purpose. You might be looking for something cost-effective and lightweight. Or, you may need a bigger luggage that will be suitable for trips abroad. Before trying to choose the right luggage for your needs, you should consider your needs. Then, you should think about your budget. As long as you select one of the aforementioned luggage, there is a pretty good chance that you’re going to be satisfied.


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