Best Dry Sacks On The Market 2018 – Buyers Guide

Do you absolutely love spending your free time hiking through the woods or kayaking? If so, you’ll understand that you’re going to run across a wide array of weather conditions. You’ll experience torrential rainfalls and you’ll brave through ungodly high temperature. Nevertheless, you’ll enjoy yourself all the while. However, your precious items might not. This is why you should consider investing in a dry sack. With a dry sack backpack, you’ll be able to keep your items safe through all potential weather scenarios. Within this guide, you will learn more about dry sacks.

What Are Dry Sacks?

First and foremost, you should better familiarize yourself with the compression dry sack. As the name suggests, this is a unique type of sack that is specifically designed to keep your items dry. These bags are manufactured by a unique material that gives them the ability to resist rain. When you experience rain and water, the water will reflect off of the surface, so it doesn’t seep inside and get your precious items wet.

Best Dry Sacks – Top 10 List

Brand SizeMaterialAction
Sea To Summit
Lightweight Dry Sack
1-35 LitresNylonView on Amazon
Osprey UltraLight 3
Dry Sack
3 LitresNylonView on Amazon
Dry Bag Sack
10-30 Litres500D PVCView on Amazon
Dry Bag
10-20 Litres500D PVCView on Amazon
Sea To Summit
eVent Compression
2-6 LitresNylonView on Amazon
Freegrace Waterproof
Dry Bags
5-35 LitresNylonView on Amazon
Sea To Summit
Ultra-Sil View Dry Sack
1-20 LitresNylonView on Amazon
Sea to Summit
Ultra-Sil Compression
6-20 LitresNylonView on Amazon
Aquafree Ultralight
Dry Bag
2,5 -15 LitresNylonView on Amazon
Sea To Summit
Air Stream Pump
20LitresNylonView on Amazon

1. Sea To Summit Lightweight Dry Sack

Backpackers and hikers are responsible for their supplies and goods. And, since the weather is so unpredictable in most remote locations, a reliable and durable dry sack is a necessity. The Sea to Summit Dry Sack is ideal for rainy, cold, damp and humid weather, as it will keep all of your supplies safe and dry throughout your trip.

Notable SpecificationsSea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack

✅ Lightweight design

✅ Great for boating, hiking and backpacking

✅ Available in multiple colors and sizes

✅ Laminate interior lining Includes a D loop


Overall Assessment

The Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack is designed with the highest quality waterproof materials. The Sea to Summit brand is highly known for offering premium-grade dry sacks to consumers.

2. Osprey UltraLight 3 Dry Sack

The Osprey UltraLight 3 Dry Sack is the solution to keeping all of your supplies safe and dry. The sack is constructed from 40D rip stop nylon material to ensure the items inside the back are secure and dry. The back has a rectangular design to offer more convenience when packing. The top is equipped with a durable roll top closure to help compress the items stored in the sack.

Notable SpecificationsOsprey UltraLight 3 Dry Sack

✅ Designed from 40D rip stop nylon

✅ Rectangular design

✅Available in multiple colors

✅Durable snap closure

✅ Weighs approximately 1.04 pounds

Overall Assessment

The Osprey UltraLight’s rectangular shape makes packing simple and quick. The dry sack includes everything you need to keep your perishables and clothing dry throughout your trip. Its lightweight design ensures that no additional weight will be added to your gear.

3. Benkii Dry Bag Sack

The Benkii Dry Bag Sack is not only designed to keep your perishables and attire dry during a kayaking trip, but also to spruce up your style. The sack is equipped with a handle and shoulder strap for convenient transportation. There is a small zippered pocket on the front panel of the bag that is perfect for car keys, cellphones and wallets.

Notable Specifications

✅ Equipped with convenient handle and shoulder strap

✅ Zippered pocket for important accessories

✅ Available in an array of colors

✅ Lightweight, waterproof design

✅ The bag floats

Overall Assessment

The Benkii Dry Bag Sack is ideal for female and male backpackers, hikers, boaters and sightseers. The bag includes everything you need to hold all of your items and keep them dry and safe throughout your trip.

4. KastKing Dry Bag

The KastKing Dry Bag is the key to keeping your clothing and perishables dry throughout hiking, boating or backpacking expenditures. The dry sack is designed to keep water, dust, moisture, sand and snow out. It includes a handle and shoulder strap to add more convenience to your travels. The top of the sack rolls down to offer easier packing.

Notable Specifications

✅ Constructed from 500D PVC material

✅ Fushion welded seams

✅ Includes a removable shoulder strap

✅ Waterproof, lightweight design

✅ Available in multiple colors

✅ Transparent, see-through panel

Overall Assessment

The KastKing Dry Sack is designed to keep your supplies dry and clean throughout your trip. The bag is embedded with a transparent see-through panel, so you can check to see if the items are dry without opening it up. The sack is available in orange, blue, yellow and black.

5. Sea To Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack

If you are planning a backpacking or cycling trip through rough terrain and need to ensure the safety of your supplies, you may find that the Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack is ideal for such trips. The sack is constructed from premium-grade waterproof material, with double stitching and tape sealed seams.

Notable Specifications

✅ Very cool color scheme

✅ Available in numerous sizes to suit everyone

✅ Surprisingly affordable

✅ Made by Sea to Summit

✅ Double stitched and tape sealed for added longevity and durability

✅ Allows air out, but keeps water out too

✅ Maintains its compressed size perfectly

Overall Assessment

There is no doubt that the Sea to Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack is one of the best options on the market. It offers the best of everything, including style, durability and affordability. Plus, it is available in numerous sizes. No matter what you intend to do or how many items you intend to carry along, the eVent Compression Sack will definitely suit your needs. For the price, it could very well be the best dry sack on the market.

6. Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bags

Are you looking for a dry bag that will keep each and every one of your items safe? If so, you need to check out this one from Freegrace. With this product, you’ll receive a comprehensive set. This kit comes with everything you need to protect your money, wallet, phone, and other items. In fact, it comes with three bags in one. Not only does it come with a dry bag, but it also includes a waist pouch and a phone case. The kit is suitable for pretty much everyone, including kayakers, swimmers, rafters, and boaters. The bag is also available in numerous colors. If you have a specific preference, you can guarantee that the Freegrace will be able to suit those preferences.

Despite the affordability, this is a bag that will certain last for many years.

Notable Specifications

✅ Includes three bags in one

✅ Contains a detachable shoulder strap

✅ Can be submerged into water

✅ Suitable for swimming, kayaking and more

✅ Bag is available in numerous colors

✅ Built to last

Overall Assessment

All in all, the Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bag Set is definitely a good investment. Not only is this set inexpensive, but it includes everything you could ever need and then some. It includes three bags and a detachable shoulder strap. If you refuse to take risks, this is the set for you!

7. Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil View Dry Sack

The Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil View Dry Sack is unlike anything else on the market. It is a very convenient dry sack that allows you to see your items at all times. The see-through front is very cool. Just take a look inside and you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that your items are still dry. On top of that, this bag is available in numerous colors, including kiwi green, berry, orange, and pacific blue. No matter what your preferences are, you can pretty much guarantee that this dry sack will suit your unique preferences.

Plus, the polyurethane coated material will be sure to last a lifetime.

Notable Specifications

✅ Available in four cool colors

✅ See through front is convenient

✅ Material is polyurethane coated

✅ Fully seam sealed for better water protection

✅ Easy to pack and easy to carry

Overall Assessment

The Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Sack is definitely one of the best dry sacks on the market. It is durable, sleek and capable of holding various items simultaneously. On top of that, the see-through front is very cool. For the price, it is well worth checking out in greater detail right now.

8. Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Compression Dry Sack

Some consumers need a bigger and taller dry sack. If you need fit into this category, you definitely need to check out the Ultra-Sil Compression Sack from Sea to Summit. This sack is much larger than its competitors, so it will be able to hold far more items. Despite its size, it can hold plenty of items simultaneously. Plus, the back has been reinforced at all of the most crucial stress points. With the convenient pull handle, you’ll have no trouble getting the bag sealed or carrying it around.

Notable Specifications

✅ Bigger than most

✅ Reinforced stress points

✅ Extra-long straps

✅ Built to last a lifetime

✅ Very sleek design

Overall Assessment

The Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack is definitely well worth the price. It is sleek, durable and very convenient. Plus, this bag can hold plenty of items. If you’re a kayaker or snowboarder, you owe it to yourself to check out this one.

9. Aquafree Ultralight Dry Bag

The Aquafree Ultralight Dry Bag is a very cool dry sack that will save you money. This bag is capable of satisfying your aesthetical preference, while also allowing you to keep more money in your pocket. It is available in three sleek colors, so you’ll look great no matter where you travel. The bag is suitable for numerous people, including fishermen, campers, snowboarder, and even kayakers. No matter what you’re going or what you intend to do, you can guarantee that this bag will do the trick. On top of that, the bag is surprisingly durable, despite the low cost.

Notable Specifications

✅ Available in three cool colors

✅ Very durable and will not tear

✅ Holds a good amount of items

✅ Suitable for numerous activities

Overall Assessment

There is no doubt that the Aquafree Bag is well worth its price tag. This is one of the cheapest dry sacks on the market. If you want a good bag that will last for half the price, this is the one that you should check out.

10. Sea To Summit Air Stream Pump Dry Sack

If you’re looking for an outstanding dry sack that will not break the bank, you owe it to yourself to check out the Air Stream Pump Dry Sack from Sea To Summit. This 20L sack and be inflated with a single breath. That makes it quick and convenient. On top of that, the bag is completely affordable. The bag is also very lightweight. It will not add any additional weight to your shoulders. Nevertheless, the material is very durable. No matter how much you try, you will not be able to damage this bag. Finally, this dry sack is capable of holding a substantial quantity of items.

No matter what you’re carrying, you can pretty much guarantee that the Sea to Summer Air Stream Sack will do the trick.

Notable Specifications

✅ Very lightweight

✅ Material is incredibly durable

✅ Can be inflated with a single breath

✅ Holds a sufficient amount of items

✅ Very affordable

Overall Assessment

The Sea to Summit Air Steam Sack is impressive. It is one of the most affordable dry sacks on the market and it’ll prove to be a great investment for pretty much everyone.

Best Dry Sacks Manufacturers 2018

There are many excellent manufacturers of dry sacks. One of the most popular brand is the Sea to Summit company. This company has been in business for many years. When you purchase a Sea to Summit Even Compression dry sack, you can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to get your money’s worth. Osprey is another very popular manufacturer. This company offers cost-effective dry sacks that will be sure to satisfy. KastKing is another company that makes dry sacks. This company is fairly new, but they’ve gained a good reputation for themselves.

Final Words – Who Needs Them?

So, who needs to purchase a dry sack? The truth of the matter is that these products are enormously beneficial and they’re suitable for a wide range of people. Hikers will definitely benefit from a dry sack. Hiker will definitely experience rain and they’ll likely want to set up camp and some point and remain outside overnight. A dry sack can help keep their belongings safe. Kayakers are another group of people that can benefit from a dry sack. Anyone that is going to be outside for a lengthy period of time should consider investing in one of these bags.


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