Apera Duffel Pack Review: Best Sport Performance Bag

When heading out to the gym or mall, you need to equip yourself with the appropriate gear. You’ll need gym shoes, a water bottle and more. Carrying this items in your hand is unfathomable and unrealistic. Instead, you should consider investing in a good sports bag or duffel pack. I highly recommend investing in a good Apera duffel pack. Below, I will provide you with information about Apera and some of the best Apera duffel pack products on the planet.

About Apera

Apera is actually a newer company, but it was founded by two industry veterans. The company was officially launched in June of 2012 by Andrew Youngs and Frank Steed. Both men possess more than three decades of experience in the bag and luggage business. The duo saw a void in the industry and Apera was formed. Despite being new to the industry, the company has undoubtedly made a huge impact.

Straightforward Warranty

I appreciate the Apera is a company that wants to do right by its customers. The company offers a fairly simple warranty. If your bag doesn’t meet your expectations in any way, the company wants to know about it. Drop them a message and they’ll do their best to fix the problem in a hurry. The company definitely offers the reassurance that you need!

Is Apera Duffel Pack Healthier Than other Bags?

Finally, you should know that Apera focuses on making healthier gym bags. Most of their products feature antimicrobial protection, venting compartments and a water-resistant base. They also feature wet and dry separation. This combination ensures that your gym bag remains clean and fresh for the long run. I cannot stand carrying around a gym bag that stinks like sweat. This is one of the main reasons that I made the switch to an Apera duffel pack.


Apera’s bags offer versatility, so they can be utilized for a variety of activities. From the duffel to the tote to the backpack, Apera has something for everyone. These bags are the perfect size for camping, overnight trips and everyday use. In fact, most bags can be utilized for a variety of activities. For instance, the Studio Tote can be utilized for overnight trips and shopping adventures with children. Whatever the day has stored for you, Apera bags are the perfect solution for transporting your personal belongings from one place to another.

Apera Performance Duffel Bag Review

Apera Performance Duffel BagWhen taking the time to read any Apera duffel pack review, you will quickly discover that these products are designed to last. This is undoubtedly true for the Apera Performance Duffel Bag. The bag is available in three cool colors, black, graphite and powerberry. No matter which option you choose, you can guarantee that it is going to look amazing along with your gym clothes. I prefer the Powerberry color, but all of them look pretty amazing. Additional perks associated with this bag will be outlined below.

Excellent Capacity

The Apera Performance Duffel Bag is pretty large. If you want to make sure that you’re able to carry all of your items with you, this bag is the one that you want. It offers 43 liters of storage capacity. Plus, it includes a free fit pocket. The bag also features two large exterior pockets. These pockets are big enough to hold a men’s size 12 shoe. No matter what you’re carrying, you can guarantee that this bag will hold all of your items without any difficulty. I’ve used the bag regularly and have never had any storage issues.

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Water Resistant

Apera Duffel ReviewI could go on and on about this Apera Duffel Bag. Nevertheless, it is the healthiness of the bag that impresses me the most. This bag is designed to be water resistant. It features laser-cut venting as well. The combination ensures that your items will remain free of water. They’re also allowed to breath. The bag also features antimicrobial product protection. This helps to prevent bacterial odor from developing inside or outside of the bag. In return, this bag will remain fresh from start to finish.

Having used this bag for many months, I can say that it does not stink in the least!


✅ Capable of resisting water and bacteria

✅ Very spacious on the inside

✅ Includes a padded shoulder strap

✅ Equipped with two top carry handles

✅ Contains plenty of pockets

✅ Available in three cool colors


  • Length of straps could be improved

Overall Assessment

All in all, the Apera Performance Duffel Bag is definitely a good investment. While the length of the straps could be improved, the rest of the bag is flawless. I highly recommend it for gym rats and pretty much anyone else.

Apera Sport Duffel Bag Review

Apera Sport Duffel BagI love putting in a hard day’s work at the gym. It just seems like there is nothing more rewarding. With that being said, I found it extremely difficult to keep up with all my regular clothes, workout clothes, and gym clothes. This is why I hit the Internet and started seeking duffel bags to store all my attire. This is when I came across the Apera Sport Duffel Bag, and I can personally tell you that I could not be more pleased with this bag. Not only does it have enough room to store all my attire, but it has an attractive and sporty look to it as well. However, this isn’t everything that this amazing little duffel has to offer, and below you will learn more about its attributes.

Antimicrobial Protection

If you are like me, you probably work up quite a sweat in the gym, which can leave your clothes smelling pretty rank and filled with bacteria. Of course, you can always wash them, you still have to put them in your bag and take them home, which can leave you with a smelly gym bag. Fortunately, with the Apera Sport Duffel Bag this is something that you never have to worry about. The bag comes equipped with antimicrobial protection that not only eliminates the smell of those bad odors, but it also resists the formation of bacteria inside the bag.

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Apera Sport Duffel Bag ReviewLaser-Cut Venting

A good gym bag always need proper venting, so that your clothes can breathe like they need to. Proper venting can also help prevent odors from forming in your bag over time. Fortunately, the Apera Sport Duffel Bag has perfect laser-cut venting that allows your bag to breathe, ventilate, and stay healthy.

Dedicated Shoe Pocket

I have a pair of shoes for every situation. I have my running shoes, weightlifting shoes, and my everyday shoes. These shoes are perfect for every situation imaginable, but the only problem is that they take up an incredible amount of room in my gym bag. However, after I purchased the Apera Sport Duffel Bag this was something that I had to no longer worry about thanks to the dedicated shoe pocket that is capable of holding two sized 14 shoes.


✅ Dedicated shoe pocket that holds a pair of 14-inch shoes

✅ Perfect laser-cut venting

✅ Antimicrobial protection fights odors

✅ Lots of exterior pocket for accessories and electronics

✅ Extremely attractive


  • Not the cheapest gym bag on the market
  • Might not hold everything you need

Overall Assessment

If you love hitting the gym, but find managing your gym clothes and regular attire difficult, you to consider investing in the Apera Sport Duffel Bag.


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