Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Reviews – Top List 2018

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Reviews 2018Are you currently on the hunt for a brand-new Ricardo suitcases? There is absolutely no doubt that Ricardo Beverly Hills is one of the leading manufacturers of luggages. Nevertheless, it is pertinent to realize that the company offers a wide variety of suitcases and they’re all different. When attempting to buy a new luggage, you’ll need to sit down and contemplate your choices. In fact, making the right choice will prove to be more difficult than you could ever imagine. Besides reading a Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage reviews , you’ll also want to consider your needs and budget.

Top 5: Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Reviews


Roxbury 2.0 21-Inch 4 Wheel Upright Review


Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage ReviewsWhether you are planning a weekend getaway, an overnight trip, or a weeklong dream vacation, you need to make sure you have the appropriate luggage to protect your belongings. When it comes to choosing luggage, you without a doubt have tons of different options available to you, but there is nothing as durable and reliable at the Ricardo Roxbury. With the 100 percent polycarbonate shell exterior, you can always rest assured that your personal belongings will be safe and secure at all times. Not to mention that this will provide you with a long-lasting piece of luggage that will stand up to the test of time and the harsh condition of the road.

Extremely Lightweight Design

When you are on vacation or trying to navigate your way through a busy airport the last thing you want is too lug around a heavy piece of luggage. Well thanks to the extremely lightweight design on the Roxbury this is something that you will never have to worry about. Along with this the luggage is equipped with extremely durable caster wheels and a handy travel handle, so you can simply roll this lightweight suitcase around anywhere.

Dual Spinner Wheels

If you have ever operated a piece of luggage with wheels before, you probably already know that the design of the wheels can make all the difference in the world. Well, the wheels on this luggage are completely innovative, as they provide users with 360 degrees of mobility. You can push, pull, or walk right alongside the luggage. This not only makes it extremely easy to navigate through large crowds and tight walkways, but you can also roll this case over a variety of different terrains.


✅ 360 Degree mobility wheels offer pushing, pulling and walking alongside capabilities

✅ 100 Percent polycarbonate design ensures your belongings are safe and secure

✅ Lightweight design makes slugging the suitcase around as easy as ever

✅ Easily attach an additional bag to the suitcase with the add-a bag attachment


Only available in purple and gray

The durability of lining is questionable

Overall Assessment

With the expanded storage capacity and add-a bag feature, you can ensure that your personal belongings will be safe and sound throughout your travels. The bag is perfect for singles or parents who travel lightly.

Roxbury 2.0 21-inch 4 Wheel Wheelaboard Review


Ricardo Beverly Hills Roxbury 2.0 21-inch 4 Wheel WheelaboardDo you constantly find yourself on the road or navigating your way through hectic, crowded airports? If so, you probably already know what a major role your luggage can play. Without the appropriate suitcase, you are going to have a rough time fighting your way through crowds and crowded streets. With that being said, how do you know a good quality suitcase when you come across one? Well, look no further than the  Roxbury. One thing that really sets this case apart from the competition is the corner armor design, which provides extra protection at all the stress points to ensure that the luggage doesn’t come apart at the seams.

Easily And Quickly Attach Another Bag

Sometimes one suitcase just isn’t enough for everything you need. Most of the time acquiring another bag isn’t a problem, but it means that you are either going to be lugging it around over your shoulder or carrying it around in your other free hand. This can be a complete drag, especially if you are fighting your way through a hectic and unruly crowd. However, this will be something that you never have to worry about with the Ricardo’s Roxbury. With the retractable add-a bag strap, you can easily and quickly add another case right to your existing case.

Extremely Mobile Wheels

Ricardo Beverly Hills Roxbury 2.0Mobility is probably one of the most important things to consider when it comes to choosing a good quality piece of luggage. You will be happy to know that this suitcase is equipped with 4 caster wheels that are not only extremely durable, but they are completely mobile as well. The wheels can operate at 360 degrees, so users can literally push, pull, drag, or walk right alongside the case as they roll it. In addition to this, the wheels will be completely operable in a variety of different environments. It doesn’t matter if you find yourself on tile, marble, concrete, grass, or blacktop, the caster wheels will be able to stand up to most types of terrain.


✅ Extra protection added at the stress joint

✅ Extremely mobile wheels work on a variety of different terrains

✅ Easily and quickly attach another bag to your existing case

✅ Split book design provides users with maximum storage

✅ Split book design allows you to organize your belongings

✅ 4 caster wheels make mobile movement easier than ever


Doesn’t meet carry on requirements

No exterior pouches or pockets

Overall Assessment

If you are constantly traveling, you probably often find yourself in need of a good piece of luggage. Well, you will simply not find anything better than the Ricardo’s Roxbury.

Mar Vista 20-inch 4 Wheel Expandable Wheelaboard


Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar VistaTraveling should be a fun and exciting experience, but without the appropriate luggage the whole situation can be just truly frustrating and disappointing. With all of the options for suitcases, how do you know that you are choosing a good quality case that will stand up to the test of time? Well, it is no secret that there are tons of cases available on the market, but you will not find anything that is quite as well built or beautifully designed as the  Mar Vista. Available in graphite and purple paisley, this case can be suited for any man, woman, or child. And, that is not all the case has to offer.

Take Advantage Of The Two Exterior Pockets

While being able to store your items safely and securely inside a case is ideal, it is not ideal when you need quick and easy access to other items. For instance, you don’t want to have to rummage through all your clothes just to get access to your passport or visa, do you? Well, thanks to the two exterior pockets on the Mar Vista, you will never have to worry about this. You can simply store all the items that you might need quick access to in the exterior pockets.

Adjustable Handle

Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista handleNot everyone is created equally. While some individuals are tall, others might be a little bit shorter. However, thanks to the adjustable handle, your size really won’t matter. The adjustable handle pulls out or retracts inside, so that any sized user and easily roll this case around comfortably. In addition to this, the case comes with a side handle, so that you can either roll or carry the luggage. At the end of the day, the decision is up to you, but both options are available. The handle makes loading and unloading the luggage extremely easy as well.

Smooth Rolling Caster Wheels

No one wants to lug a heavy piece of luggage around all vacation long or through a busy airport. With the Mar Vista, users won’t have to worry about breaking their back. Thanks to the smooth caster wheels and adjustable handle, you can simply roll this luggage around anywhere you go. The wheels are extremely mobile, so that users can make sharp turns and spins without worrying about the case toppling over. In addition to this, the wheels were specifically designed to provide users with a quiet and smooth operation.


✅ 14 inches high and 20 inches wide

✅ Extremely durable, smooth, and quite caster wheels

✅ Adjustable handle suits a variety of different sized individuals

✅ Two exterior pockets give you quick access to certain items

✅ Case can be carried or rolled

✅ Available in purple or graphite


May not be big enough for everyone

Does not have a bottom handle

Overall Assessment

Make sure that all your vacations are fun and exciting with this handy, reliable, and durable carry on case. You will not only be able to safely and securely store your personal belongings inside the case, but the two exterior pockets will give you quick and easy access to the items that you might need in a hurry.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista 24-inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright


Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista 24When it comes to traveling choosing the right piece of luggage can make all the difference in the world. Without the right luggage, your trip won’t be as enjoyable and you won’t be able to bring home all your souvenirs. So, how do you know that you the best piece of luggage for your trip? Well, you will without a doubt have tons of different options to choose from, but you will not find anything that offers the features and comfort like the Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista. With the graphite and purple designs to choose from any man or woman can benefit from this piece of luggage.

Ergonomically Designed Handle

Being able to roll around your suitcase smoothly can make all the difference in the world when it comes to navigating through crowded airports and hotel lobbies. However, just because your suitcase has rolling capabilities it doesn’t mean that the luggage is comfortable to roll around. Fortunately, with the Ricardo’s Mar Vista rolling and handling the case has never been easier or more comfortable thanks to the ergonomically designed handle. Along with this, the handle is reinforced to provide even more durability when rolling around large and heavy clothing items.

Backed With A 10-Year Limited Warranty

When you invest your hard-earned money in a piece of luggage you truly want to be ensured that it is going to stand up to the test of time. Well, when you invest in this suitcase you can rest assured that your money is being well spent thanks to the 10-year warranty. In the first 10 years of owning the product if you experience any problems or difficulties just give the company a call and they will replace or repair the case for absolutely no charge.


✅ Backed by a long 10-year warranty

✅ Ergonomically designed handle ensures comfort when handling the case

✅ Available in purple or graphite, making it suitable men and women

✅ Spinner wheels provide durable, quiet, and reliable operation

✅ Retractable handle make case suitable for anyone

✅ Two exterior pockets


The inline wheels limit mobility

Doesn’t come with a garment bag

Overall Assessment

The Mar Vista Luggage is a fantastic option for frequent travelers. The luggage is designed to provide a high level of security, comfort, convenience, portability and efficiency. The interior components will keep your most prized attire wrinkle-free and ready for your next event.

Rodeo Drive Suitcase


Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Rodeo Drive ReviewIf you a frequent traveler you know how extremely important your luggage is, which is why it is crucial to choose the right brand. A highly notable luggage brand is Ricardo Beverly Hills. This brand is known for designed and manufacturing premium-grade luggage that is suitable for local, state-to-state and international travels. One particular suitcase is the Rodeo Drive. This is one of Ricardo Beverly Hills’ most popular models, as it is designed to ensure portability, efficiency, comfort and a high level of security.

Heavy-Duty Hard Exterior Case

The Rodeo Drive Luggage is constructed from heavy-duty polycarbonate. This material is capable of withstanding normal wear and tear. To add more durability, while preventing scratches the polycarbonate is covered with a fine textured film. This feature will keep the exterior of the luggage looking new and perfect for an extended period of time.

High-Quality Interior Lining

The lining is just as important as the exterior hard shell. If you are adamant about your travel gear looking fresh and clean, you will definitely appreciate the Rodeo Drive’s interior lining. The lining is designed from what is known as Nano-Tex treated fabric, which uses nanotechnology to protect against stains.

Suitcases take a beating, whether you are traveling by car, train or airplane. Not only will the luggage need to endure the elements, but also will be able to protect your personal belongings from damage. It is not unusual for a bottle of cologne or perfume to break during an airplane flight or train ride. When this happens, your other belongings, as well as the lining will become stained. This is where the Nano-Tex treated fabric will come into play, as it will protect against stains caused by spills, wear and tear, and the outdoor elements.

Polypropylene Corners

As mentioned above, luggage takes a beating during all travels. This damage is inevitable, but to reduce the amount of damage the Rodeo Drive will endure, Ricardo Beverly Hills’ designers included a polypropylene guard on each corner of the luggage. This design will help prevent damaged caused by bumps and bands during all your travels.

Fantastic Portability

The Rodeo Drive is equipped with spinner wheels that are capable of turning 360 degrees. These wheels will not only offer a quiet operation, but also smooth maneuverability. In fact, you can push or pull the luggage in any direction with ease.


✅ Superior portability

✅ Corner guards to reduce damage during transportation

✅ Constructed from polycarbonate material

✅ Fabric treated with nanotechnology

✅ Available in black cherry and anthracite

✅ Weight about 10 pounds

✅ Includes a lifetime warranty


Could use more zippered pockets

Would like to see more colors available

Overall Assessment

This suitcase is designed to offer durability and longevity. The polycarbonate hard shell case is covered with a fine coating to protect against scratches and scraps. The interior lining is high quality and guaranteed to stand up against stains. The handles and wheels make the suitable extremely portable, plus it can be pushed forward or backward with ease.

What you need to know before you buy Ricardo suitcase?


In some cases, you’ll want a luggage that will roll around with ease. Of course, carrying the luggage is just as convenient. If you want to be able to carry and roll the luggage, you’ll want to choose one that is fairly lightweight. Make sure that you’ll have no trouble touting the suitcase from one location to the next. It should come with a convenient handle that makes transporting the luggage simple and easy.


Luggages will be put through a lot of abuse over the years. It is pertinent to make sure that your money is put to good use. One of the best ways to protect your investment is by ensuring that the luggage is protected by a lengthy warranty. A longer warranty is always better. In fact, you should definitely be willing to spend a little more to obtain a warranty longer than the industry standard.

Interior Space

When traveling abroad, there is no doubt that you’re going to be carrying around a lot of items. You’ll need casual and formal attire. This is why it is pertinent to choose a luggage that will be able to hold all of your items. While you’ll want a compact luggage, you should choose a larger interior to guarantee that the luggage will be able to hold all of your clothing without any problems whatsoever.


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